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Last Updated: Dec 31, 2013 09:22AM PST
Email Scheduler - Uninstall Guide

To remove Email Scheduler from Salesforce, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Stopping running services
1.  GO TO  Name -> Setup  -> Monitoring -> Scheduled Jobs, click "Del" next to the job named Email Scheduler

Step 2:  Remove Email Scheduler button & Related Lists from page layouts
  1. GO TO  Name -> Setup -> App Setup -> Customize -> Leads -> Page Layouts 
Click “Edit” on any  Layout  which you want to change
  1. Press Setting  button on “Activity History” Related List  (if “Activity History” Related List  not visible to you then add it first)
  2. In popup Setting Pane Select “Buttons”
  3. Select “Email Scheduler” button from  “Selected Buttons” list and Click on “Remove”
  4. Press OK and save
  5. Now Select “Related Lists” from Layout Section
  6. Remove the “Active Scheduled Emails” from the page layout
  1. Press Setting  button on “Activity History” Related List
  2. Uncheck “New” and remove “New Email Schedule” from Selected Buttons.
  1. Click OK , and then save page layout
  2. Repeat All steps for remaining Lead layouts and Contact layouts ,  for other Objects Repeat  step 1 to 5 and save layout

Step 3b (for Group Edition users only):
If you're using Group Edition of Salesforce, you'll need to perform the following additional steps:
  1. Go to:  Setup -> Customize -> Users -> Page Layout 
Remove the following fields from the "Additional Information" section:
1. Automatic Bcc 
2. Email Address
3. Email Signature

Step 4:  Removing license
  1. Choose Setup -> Installed Packages
  2. Next to Email Scheduler, click on "Manage Licenses"
  3. Click the "Remove" button next to all users listed under the Licensed Users section, until the "Used Licenses" field shows zero

Step 5:  Uninstall Email Scheduler package
  1. Go to the AppExchange
  2. Log into your account (click Login in the top right)
  3. Click your name from the top and choose My Account
  4. From the list of apps that appears, you should see Email Scheduler
  5. Click "More Actions" then choose "Uninstall App"
  6. Follow the steps shown on screen

Email Scheduler will now be uninstalled from your Salesforce org.

Having Trouble?
If you have trouble uninstalling Email Scheduler, please contact us for support.

You may need to grant us with login access so that we can troubleshoot your particular issue; here's how:

Your Name -> Setup -> Personal Setup -> My Personal Information -> Grant Login Access
From the option that says "RGB Technologies Inc. Support" set the drop-down box to 1-Week

You can also refer to the Salesforce.com help article on Uninstalling a Package.  In particular, refer to the Notes section that provides a few examples on why you may not be able to uninstall a package.

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